Most Experiences Start with a Call

Your most valuable customers will always call to make a reservation. For most patrons, the phone is their first point of contact. Learn how EMAK Telecom can help you take the first step into sculpting the perfect customer experience.

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Never too Busy

Unlimited lines let you beat the rush. Callers will never hit a busy tone again.

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Preset Messages

Communication is key. Program holiday and away messages.

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Set the Mood with Music

Custom music on hold and lets customers know what you’re all about.

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Improved Workflows

Set Prep Hours & Service Hours

Automatically send calls to the kitchen during prep hours or or even forward calls to your cell phone. During service hours, send calls to reception. Receive calls in the right place at the right time and avoid distractions during the rush!


End Reservation Disputes

With included call recording, never experience a reservation dispute again. Make sure you are providing the service your customers deserve and ensure your staff is providing the quality service you expect.


Call Park & Pickup

Call Park & Pickup allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other telephone set. The “call park” feature is activated by simply pressing a preprogrammed button.

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On-hold Promotions

On-hold promotions is a service used to deliver your specials of the week, the month, or to deliver information to the callers waiting on hold or while they are being transferred.