Yealink T58A IP Phone


The Yealink T58A is Yealink’s premier IP phone offering. This phone is identical to the T58A with Camera, but lacks the CAM50 accessory camera for two-way video calling (but it’s still able to show video calls without the camera). The camera can be purchased separately if you want to upgrade it later.

The T58A is based on Android and is able to run many Android applications, though it lacks support for the Play Store. It has a huge 7″ adjustable touchscreen display and a webcam on top for video calling. Because of the camera, it is able to be used to view video doorphone calls, useful in reception roles. This phone really stands out on a desk and looks really sharp. It both looks and feels high end.

The touchscreen is intuitive and easy to use. However, for higher call volumes we prefer the cheaper Yealink T54W for its physical keys. Overall, the T58A is a solid phone with unique features useful in specific applications. If you don’t need them though, there are cheaper alternatives available.

Yealink T58A IP Phone 2

Informations complémentaires


7.0" adjustable colour touchscreen
Android 5 Lollipop
Gigabit Ethernet passthrough
29 speed dial keys
WiFi + Bluetooth
USB port


Dimension (W*D*H*T):


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