Make Phone Calls from Windows or MacOSX

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    The computer softphone app allows you to make and receive calls from your Mac or Windows computer without the need for a desk phone. You can use the software with a USB headset plugged into your computer as well. Calling should work fine as long as you are connected to the internet or have WiFi access.

    You will need the following information to get set up (contact support if you don’t have this):

    SIP Server:
    SIP User ID:
    SIP Authentication ID:

    Configuring Softphone

    1. Download X-Lite Softphone

    The first thing you need to do is to download and install the X-Lite softphone client for either Windows or Mac OSX. Use the links below to download our softphone application.

    Download Windows Version

    Download Mac Version

    2. Once installed, open up the software and wait for it to appear on screen.

    3. Click on Softphone > Account Settings

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<p>4. Fill in your<strong> User ID</strong> (extension),<strong> Domain </strong>(SIP Server)<strong>, Password, Display Name </strong>(your name) and <strong>Authorization name </strong>(extension). Your account settings screen should look like this:</p>
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    5. If you filled out all your information correctly, you should now see a green checkmark at the top left showing that you are available.

    X-Lite 5.10

    6. That’s it, you can now make and receive calls from your office extension or home phone number on your computer!

    Sound Settings

    You can easily change the sound settings for your softphone including which speakers or headphones to use and which microphone to use when making calls.

    To configure sound settings:

    1. Click on the headset icon on the top left

    2. Choose Device Settings

    3. On this window, you can set up which speaker and microphone to use for both headset mode and speakerphone mode.

    4. From the dropdowns, choose your devices

    5. When you are happy with your settings, click Test Devices to make sure everything is working OK

    6. That’s it, your sound devices are now set up.