Office Phone Systems: How to Choose the Best Phone System for Your Office

Office Phone Systems: How to Choose the Best Phone System for Your Office 1

The evolution in the world of business is changing the way business owners make decisions when choosing a phone system that will meet the needs of their business. An organization’s office phone system is its lifelines to suppliers, clients and the world. It has proved to be one of the easiest methods to communicate within an organization as well as beyond its walls. Choosing the right office phone system is an important decision that can have an operational and financial impact if choosing the wrong system. Making an informed decision about the phone system means looking and planning for the needs of the present and the future.

The Right Phone System for Your Business: Your Options

You have various options to choose from if you are considering the right telephone system for your company. The two major categories of an office phone system are:

  • An in-house (on-site) phone system that allows you to invest in essential hardware and services with huge, upfront costs.
  • Off-premise (cloud-based) phone system with little to no upfront investment, only a monthly subscription fee.

Take A Look at The Factors to Choose the Best Phone System

1. Features

As technology keeps advancing, the office phone system for small businesses is no exception to this advancement. For a small business, it can be difficult to afford the maintenance of a legacy on-site phone system for your company if your priorities involve staying relevant in the industry you operate in. If you are looking to future-proof your company’s telecommunication system, getting a modern VoIP system will be an excellent idea.

The benefits of choosing a VoIP phone system include integration of your business phone system with technology platforms like:

  • Email
  • CRM software
  • ERP
  • Conference calling or video conferencing
  • Employee training
  • Collaboration tools
  • Virtual faxing

2. Cost Of Your Office Phone System

No matter what investments you make in your business, at the end of the day, your books must balance. Make sure that your business expenditures do not affect your cash flow negatively.

Getting the features, you need; exceptional call quality and the best affordable price is the objective. When you compare the cost of an on-site phone system with a cloud-based system, you must always consider hidden costs. Cloud phone systems are given on a subscription basis so you get fixed costs.

3. Supporting Your Phone Requirements

You will see that every phone system service provider claims that their product is the best in the market. But you need to determine what’s best for your business. At EMAK Tech, we listen to understand your business before we make any recommendations.

A reputable phone system provider must be available at all times to offer your business the required support. The good news is that we offer you all of this and more.

4. Phone System Security Is Crucial

While the internet enhances communication among businesses, employees and customers through VoIP phone systems, you must be careful about the service provider you pick to engage in this practice. A trusted phone system service provider must have redundant architecture, authentication, tried and proven encryption, and other security measures that serve as an assurance that such providers are dependable.

5. Reliable Communication

When you are looking for the perfect phone system that will cater to your business requirements, you should be aware of the fact that whichever option you pick is not immune to downtime. The failure of your business communication system means that you might possible loss of revenue over the period that such downtime will last. This is why you cannot really take chances when finding the right telephone system services provider

The process of choosing the best office phone system for small businesses requires an evaluation of all the factors discussed above, putting your money toward the right office phone system for your business will not only improve communication but will also enhance the reputation of your company and its productivity. If you are looking for an office telephone system in Montreal, then EMAK Tech is the place to be. We give recommendations based on the type of your organization and what will work best for your requirements.