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EMAK Office Business Phone System

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Free Installation

Our technicians will install your system and show you how to use all our great features.


Amazing Support

Free. Amazing. Dependable. You’ll always reach a human being right away, guaranteed.

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No Contracts

We make sure you’ll love our service. We don’t need to lock you into lengthy contracts.


Custom Setup

Our expert team will customize workflows to fit your exact business needs perfectly.


Every single one of our features is included with your phone plan, no matter how many extensions you need. Clear, simple pricing for all!

Unlimited Lines


Never miss a call thanks to unlimited lines on every phone, always.



Work anywhere in the world seamlessly. Switch between your desk phone and mobile device with ease.

49 Free Countries


Make long distance charges a thing of the past with unlimited calling to the US, Canada and 49 other countries.


Digital Receptionist

Route customer calls quickly and efficiently while sounding professional.

Bluetooth Sync


Sync your mobile phone calls and contacts to your desk phone for a seamless work experience.

Call Recording


With included call recording, always know exactly what’s going on in your business.

Voicemail to Email


Receive voicemails straight in your inbox.



Fax Line / eFax
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Unlimited Fax Line

We offer both an unlimited traditional fax line as well as advanced eFax for one low monthly price. Local number is included.


Local Numbers

Local numbers are included for free for every extension up to 5. If you need more numbers, we can get you a number from almost any area code in Canada or the U.S. for both making and receiving calls!

Business Phone System 4

Local Number 1

Add an additional local phone number for making and receiving calls. Numbers are available in almost all area codes in Canada and the U.S.


Business Phone System 5

Toll Free 250

Get 250 monthly inbound toll-free minutes


Business Phone System 6

Toll Free 1000

Get 1000 monthly inbound toll-free minutes


Business Phone System 7

Toll Free 2000

Get 2000 monthly inbound toll-free minutes


Business Phone System 8

Conference 500

Includes 500 inbound conference minutes per month and one free number to allow you to host professional multi-user conferences.


Business Phone System 9

Conference 1000

Includes 1000 inbound conference minutes per month and one free number to allow you to host professional multi-user conferences.


Business Phone System 10

Conference 2000

Includes 2000 inbound conference minutes per month and one free number to allow you to host professional multi-user conferences.


Long Distance Rates

All EMAK Talk and EMAK Unity plans include UNLIMITED calling to U.S. and Canada.

You can also call anywhere in the world easily, reliably and affordably thanks to our competitive long distance rates. Use the long distance cost calculator below to find the rate for your particular destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my existing phone number(s)?

Yes, you certainly can! We are able to port all local Canadian numbers and most U.S. numbers. Most local numbers can be transferred within 7 business days from the date of the request. Better yet, we do not charge any porting fees – it’s totally free!

We can also transfer your toll free numbers, but these sometimes take longer – up to a few weeks. The porting of these numbers is also free.

How is your service different?

Compared to traditional phone providers, we offer many advanced features such as a digital receptionist, voicemail to email, full caller display and call ID, ring groups, call recording,  and way more than you would be interested in reading here.

We are both business and technology experts and our mission is to find ways to improve your business processes, make sure you look professional to your customers and simplify your daily communications all while saving you money compared to traditional services.

A great resource to get started and see how we are helping to improve our customers’ businesses is to visit the support pages. We have many case studies that examine how we have integrated our innovative tools into customers’ daily lives.

How do I know your service is reliable?

EMAK Office was built for business from the ground up. We understand how important having a reliable phone system is – we use our own service every day.

We have a proven track record and each day, we connect thousands of calls from hundreds of customers. Reliability is our number one priority and all our systems are fully redundant and are built to achieve “three nines” (99.999%) availability. Unlike many providers, we also route our customers exclusively over prime routes to ensure the best call quality, caller ID results and faxing capability. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed or your money back!

Do you support faxing?

Yes, we do! Many VoIP providers try to skirt this issue as faxing over IP is hard to do well. We realize how important this still is for many businesses, so we offer both an eFax service that allows you to send faxes online as well as traditional fax lines using a small telephone adapter.

How much will it actually cost? Are there any hidden fees?

Unlike many of our competitors, our pricing is simple, predictable and all-inclusive. Our Business Phone System offers every single PBX feature you see above. It’s as simple as that!

Of course, we also offer long distance calling at competitive rates, inbound toll-free and fax lines which are extras. Aside from this, the only other fee you will see on your bill are a $1.50/mo mandatory E911 fee for emergency services.

To get an exact quotation, call one of our sales representatives at (514) 400-0226 and they will be able to give you a direct quotation to get you started today!

Do I need to buy new phones?

It depends. Our service is compatible with a wide array of VoIP phones including Yealink, Grandstream, Polycom, Aastra and others. You can also use a free softphone client on your laptop or cell phone if you don’t want to buy hardware phones.

This said, we also offer extremely competitive rates on new phones and to get the absolute best from EMAK Talk, we recommend you use our handsets. You can call our sales advisors at (514) 400-0226, they will make sure you have everything you need to get your business up and running quickly.

Is there any contract ? How much does it cost to cancel?

Unlike some other providers, we are so sure that you will love our service that we don’t feel the need to lock you into lengthy contracts. There are no cancellation fees or penalties if you cancel for any reason.

Does your service work with alarms?

We have many customers that use our service with alarm systems successfully and reliably through the use of a small telephone adapter that we can provide for a nominal fee. That said, due to the critical importance of alarm system services, we recommend you follow best practices and guidelines from your alarm system provider.

Can I call 911 from your service?

Yes, you absolutely can and will be connected with a 911 operator. Due to the importance of emergency services, we also include E911 “enhanced 911” service in all our plans. This said, there are important differences between our emergency phone service and traditional landline service. You should read our full terms of service to understand the differences.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

We’re glad you will be joining the EMAK Talk family! To get started, call us at (514) 400-0226 and a sales representative will be able to start the order process with you right away!

I'm currently with another provider and my phones are down. I can't contact their support. Help!

Have you experienced an outage with your current VoIP provider? Has your phone service been down often in the last few months with many issues? If you are looking for an alternative Montreal based phone provider to replace your current provider, EMAK Telecom can help!

We are able to port in your numbers for free. In many cases it is even possible to transfer your lines to our network in the same business day.

Contact our friendly, dedicated team today to get started!

(514) 400-0226