Paring Grandstream Cordless Handsets

Paring Grandstream Cordless Handsets

When you receive a new Grandstream cordless handset, it must be paired to the base before you can use it. Please follow the below steps to pair your handset to your base.

Pairing the Handset

  1. On the DP750 base, press and hold the radio button for 7 seconds.
    Paring Grandstream Cordless Handsets 1
  2. The radio icon starts blinking to indicate it is in paring mode.
    Paring Grandstream Cordless Handsets 2
  3. On your new handset, press Subscribe softkey if available on the main screen
  4. If it is not there, go to Menu > Registration > Register while the DP750 base Radio light is blinking.
  5. Select Base 1, then press Subscribe
  6. Press Subscribe to pair with the displayed DP750.
  7. The handset will display Easy Pairing on the screen and chime when successful.

Once you have paired your handset, you should now be able to make and receive calls. If you are still having trouble, please reach out to support for further assistance.

Posted on September 8, 2020