What To Look for When Choosing the Right VoIP Provider in Montreal

Almost all major telephone providers have been planning to shut down their ISDN networks for a while now, and VoIP providers have been the obvious target for companies that are concerned with the switch from ISDN to VoIP.

Here are all of the criteria that will help you choose the right VoIP provider. But first, let’s understand what VoIP technology is all about.

What is VoIP and How is it the End of ISDN?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP and it describes telephone calls made using the Internet or the Internet protocol. Telecommunication technology around the world is currently being converted to VoIP as the most well-known telephone providers are planning to switch off their ISDN services.

Due to this fact, IP telephony providers with different products and models have entered the market in recent years. However, the basic functions of the various VoIP offers are often similar. We have compiled the following decision criteria that will certainly help you with selecting the right VoIP provider for your business.

Criteria for Selecting a VoIP Provider

  • Data Protection

One of the most important criteria for selecting a Voice over IP provider is data security. Providers should follow data protection guidelines and encrypt the data within their system.

  • High Reliability

When choosing an Internet telephony provider make sure that it guarantees high availability and reliability. Your business cannot afford down time! Your virtual telephone system should be hosted redundantly and guarantee an availability of over 99%.

A VoIP provider for business should meet all of these criteria and be able to offer corporate customers a powerful, sensible and reliable telephony solution.

  • Price-Performance Ratio

Price plays a major role when choosing a VoIP provider. One study has shown that over 50% of companies consider good value for money when choosing a cloud provider.

Providers offer minute-by-minute billing for outgoing connections and various flat rate models to cover the special needs of each individual customer in the best way possible.

  • Scalability

Many VoIP providers offer different products that can be set up individually depending on the size of the company. The telephone system from the cloud can be flexibly scaled and will grow with your company.

  • Range of Functions

Have you thought about the advantages you hope to gain from switching to a cloud telephone system and how you can facilitate your business communications? This is important so that you know which functions you require for your business.

Perhaps the most basic telephone functions are enough? Or would you also need functions such as Fax2Mail and Mail2Fax, conferencing or even unified communications? Find out which functions are already included in the offers of business VoIP phone systems in Montreal and which must be added on.


The most important criteria when choosing a provider should be data protection and reliability. The provider should host your telephone system in high-performance data centers and follow data protection guidelines.

Even if VoIP providers are similar, there are sometimes major differences in terms of the price-performance ratio and the minimum contract terms. These factors should definitely be taken into consideration in your decision.

If you have made your decision in favor of a Voice over IP provider, it is recommended to try a test version first. We at EMAK Telecom, for instance, offer you a wide range of affordable, flexible and reliable telephony solutions in Montreal. We have over 17 years of and a long list of clients that are using our VoIP telephone system and are relying on our high-quality and innovative solutions.

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