Call Parking and Retrieval

Call Parking and Retrieval

Call Parking and Retrieval: Applies to Desk Phones, and Soft Phones. Does not apply to cordless phones.

Call parks can be configured on your desk phones, as well as soft phones.

This feature is very handy for when calls need to be put on hold and be accessible or retrieved from other phones.

Call parking can be used as an alternative to attended transfer. Example: Park the call, call the other person and give them the option to take the call or not.

It can also be used for when someone needs to move to a different phone. Example: Park the call on Phone A, go to Phone B and retrieve the parked call.

Steps to follow:

When Parks are available for use, they will be green:

Call Parking and Retrieval 1

On your deskphone, while you are on a call, simply press a green or available Parking slot (Example uses Park 1)

This Parking slot then becomes Red, indicating it is in use (someone is on it)

Call Parking and Retrieval 2

Then, to retrieve the call, you may, from any phone that has the same Parking slot configured, press it while it is red. The call is then transferred over to this new phone and becomes green again. It is now free to use for the next call.

Call Parking and Retrieval 3

The caller ID will then show from which park the call came from. park+*5901 indicates park 1 park+*5902 indicates park 2 and so forth.

Limitation: It is currently not possible to park or retrieve parked calls from cordless handsets. Please be aware of this limitation when planning your workflow.

Parking and retrieving parked calls from EMAK Softphone app:

To do this, simply add a contact to the EMAK Softphone app, called Park 1. Set number to park+*5901 and check the Presense Subscription box.

Call Parking and Retrieval 4

Once this is done, you will be able to transfer calls to it via the transfer button and drop down menu during calls.

Call Parking and Retrieval 5

To retrieve calls, simply call the parking slot. First, double click the Park 1 contact that is Red/On Call. Then, click Call.

Call Parking and Retrieval 6

Parking and retrieving calls on Groundwire:

The same can be done on mobile application Groundwire.

On the Favorites page (Star, first tab), create a new entry. Set “Title” to “Park 1” then “Number or SIP address” to park+*5901 and finally slide the “Busy Lamp Field” to enable it.

Call Parking and Retrieval 7

A new favorite “Park 1” will appear.

Call Parking and Retrieval 8

To Park a call, simply use the Transfer feature as shown below:

Call Parking and Retrieval 9

Simply go to the favorites and press Park 1. The call will transfer to Park 1.

Call Parking and Retrieval 10

Once parked, the Park 1 goes “ON CALL” and this indicates it is in use.

Please note that reliability of this status is not guaranteed, given the nature of the mobile app and reliance on good network.

Call Parking and Retrieval 11

Hope you enjoy the new call park feature!

Posted on August 2, 2021