10 Business Benefits of Moving to VOIP

10 Business Benefits of Moving to VOIP

VoIP is a sophisticated, feature-rich, and easy-to-implement communications technology that lets you bring voice and video to your customers, employees, and vendors regardless of the device they’re using.  While VoIP is no longer a new technology, the wide use of personal computers and the internet has driven VoIP into the mainstream.

This means it’s easier than ever for businesses to implement the technology to enhance their communications services.  In fact, some businesses have already deployed and are continuously updating their VoIP services. So, if you’re looking to implement VoIP to improve your communication service, we’re here to help you.

In order to reap the true benefits of VoIP, you need to implement it correctly. Needless to say, if your business isn’t already using VoIP, you should seriously consider doing so.

Here are the Business Benefits of Moving to VOIP

1. VoIP over traditional phone systems

You will have better call quality with VoIP. VoIP allows you to handle calls from anywhere you have an internet connection. That includes your home, hotels, airplanes, buses, and train stations.  The call quality you receive over your VoIP phone system for business will be much higher than the quality of your phone system over traditional phone lines.

2. Increase in customer satisfaction

While landlines and mobile phones remain the most common ways that businesses communicate, they’re also the most expensive.

The telephone system requires both the infrastructure and telecom engineers to maintain and operate, which can be expensive, particularly for small businesses.  Cloud-based VoIP communications solutions, on the other hand, are very efficient, economical, and easy to implement.

3. Faster adoption

In a traditional phone system, when a customer switches to a new service, the old provider is the one who has to implement the change. With VoIP, the customer can switch to a new provider without their phone service going offline.

In addition, they will immediately benefit from reduced costs and fewer customer service issues. There is better availability. By being hosted online, the vendor is never offline. In fact, a single point of failure telephone system can lead to a catastrophic outage.  Additionally, there are a simplified setup and configuration.

4. Cost savings

While traditional phone calls can be expensive, there are cost savings for you using a VoIP communication system. There will be lower telecom costs i.e., businesses that want to use VoIP for cost savings can do so by comparing the fees that would normally be associated with those that make long-distance telephone calls.

With an IP phone system, that same telephone bill would include different fees related to connecting to the Internet, long-distance charges, and charges associated with wireless usage. This saves both you and your company money.

5. Increased security

Security is a big one for business phone service providers. With VoIP phones, you’re able to connect directly to each individual call you’re making in a secure manner.

This means you’ll have access to every piece of communication that each call is referencing. You can block out specific keywords or conversations to protect any customer data and prevent someone from eavesdropping on confidential business calls.  Another benefit is that you can control the bandwidth on your network without the need to have dedicated bandwidth reserved just for VoIP.

6. Improved conference and call management

If your office is frequently being used for meetings or training sessions, a phone system can be one of the most used resources in the workplace.

By integrating a phone system with a social networking tool like Jive, Google Hangout, or Facebook, you can automatically start a call for a meeting or chat with a coworker without any need to initiate or manage it.  When we are working at a fast-paced startup, having all our systems together is essential.

7. Increased productivity

VoIP is a great way to ensure your team is able to work from any device, on any network. The benefits of working are many, not the least of which are cost savings, better security, and less downtime.

As a small business, you may not have the budget for new computers or equipment, so this is a great alternative. And with mobile and tablet users in your company, telephony is also a great way to communicate with them.

8. Lower long-distance rates

VoIP communications services are more affordable for businesses that operate outside the U.S. or use data rather than voice as their primary mode of communication.  Global VoIP rates are typically much lower than those for voice, and when a business makes a long-distance phone call to the U.S., they have to pay for international call minutes and distance charges on top of the U.S. minutes.

Today, most VoIP providers are approaching international rates with business voice and data services in the same bundle. The rates for VoIP communications in the U.S. are usually 10-30% lower than similar services, which allows you to save a significant amount of money with international calls.

9. Fax over IP

As far as the internet is concerned, a business can generally assume that they will still be able to make use of their existing internet service. As long as a business has a connection to their ISP, you can use your own internet connection and make use of the same types of services that you had before you implemented VoIP.

For instance, if a business has cell phone users, they can connect to the internet over that phone line. They can use the VoIP service that has been set up for their phone. In either instance, they can be assured that their business will still be able to operate.

10. Flexibility

Being able to connect to a VoIP provider doesn’t require that a business be connected to the internet. You can call or even set up conference calls, as you would with a normal phone service provider, by logging in to a VoIP provider website. VoIP service providers allow their service to be used through a mobile app, as well.

This isn’t just for accessing services that are not available over the internet. Accessing office intranets, employee performance reviews, and stock price information are all possible, all without the need for a connection to the internet.  Of course, to take advantage of VoIP you need to have the required equipment and a connection.

VoIP has many benefits for small businesses that will benefit any size or budget. For businesses looking to adopt a secure and reliable VOIP solution,s EMAK TELECOM VoIP system is the best way to go.

VoIP is a better option than traditional phone systems. The reason people employ EMAK for their VoIP system installation is because of their reliability and seamless functionality factors.

EMAK makes it easy for you to connect and be able to place calls anywhere in the world.

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