Set up EMAK Unity Softphone on Android

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    The mobile app allows you to make and receive calls from your office or home phone number on your cell phone as long as you have access to WiFi or cellular data. This way, when you call people, your work number shows up and you don’t need to share your cell phone number with anyone, helping you look more professional and helping you to separate your private life from your work.

    You will need the following information to get set up:

    SIP Server:
    SIP User ID:
    SIP Authentication ID:

    Step 1: Install Grandstream Wave

    You can download Grandstream Wave from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store:

    Grandstream Wave is completely free.

    Step 2: Launch the App and Add Account

    From inside the app, click on settings on the bottom bar then the + icon on the top right corner to start adding a new account.

    Step 3: Select SIP Account on the Add New Account page

    Step 4: Enter Account Information

    If you don’t have your account information handy, you can find it on the EMAK Unity portal under Accounts > Extensions or email our and an agent will assist you.

    Don’t share your password with anyone and keep it in a safe place. You are responsible for any long-distance charges on your account.

    Set the Account Name to whatever you can recognize the account name by.

    • Set SIP Server to your PBX portal address. Usually something like
    • Set SIP User ID and SIP Authentication ID to your extension number
    • Set Password to your extension password.
    • Set Voicemail UserID to *97
    • Set Display Name to your name.
    • Click on the Checkmark to continue.

    Step 5: Modify SIP Settings

    The last step is to make a few small changes near the bottom of the page under SIP Settings.

    • Disable the Enable Session Expiration option
    • Set Transmission Protocol to TCP
    • Set Register Expiration to 2. (this value is in minutes)

    Step 6: (iPhone only) Enable WiFi Calling

    By default, WiFi calling is disabled. Go to Advanced Settings > WiFi Only and set the slider to Off

    Step 7: Make Some Calls!

    Congratulations, your account is now set up and you should now be able to make and receive calls at your extension using your cell phone. Be aware that you need to be on WiFi or have 3G/4G data on your phone in order to make calls (additional data usage charges with your carrier may apply).

    If you have any questions or problems getting it set up, send us an email at or give us a call at (514) 400-0226 and we’ll be happy to help.