Phone Feature Codes

Phone Feature Codes

Feature codes are special numbers that can be dialed from your EMAK phone to perform specific actions. Below is a list of all supported feature codes.

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Phone Feature Codes 1

Basic Feature Codes

*611EMAK Support
*72Call Forward On
*73Call Forward Off
*78DND On
*79DND Off
*21Find Me/Follow Me Toggle
*67(dest#)Call Privacy
*411Company dial-by-name directory
*97Voicemail Access
*98(ext#)Voicemail Access Another Extension
*99(ext#)Transfer to Voicemail
*732Recording Upload
*925Wake Up Call

Radio Stations

*CLAS (2527)Classical
*POP (767)Top 40
*JAZZ (5299)Jazz
*LOVE (5683)Valentines
*HOHOHO (464646)Christmas

Advanced Feature Codes

*22Call Center Agent Login Toggle
*23(ext#)Call Center Agent Login Toggle Other Agent
*33(ext#)Eavesdrop Press 1 remote, 2 local, 3 full conversation, 0 mute

Test Tones

*9195Delay Echo Test
*9196Echo Test
*9197Milliwatt Tone
*9664Test Music on Hold
*9170Current Time
*9171Current Date
*9172Current Date & Time
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Posted on July 23, 2020