Yealink Phone User Guides

Yealink Phone User Guides

This is an article containing all the info needed to use your Yealink desk phone.

Using Your Phone

Checking VoicemailHow to Access Voicemail
Call TransferYealink Call Transfer
Call ForwardHow to Use Call Forward
ConferencingYealink Call Conference
HoldPutting a Call on Hold
Managing Multiple CallsMultiple Calls on Yealink Phones
DND (Do Not Disturb)DND on Yealink Phones
Using a HeadsetUsing a Headset on Yealink Phones
Call InterceptCall Intercept
BLF / Speed Dial KeysAdding BLF & Speed Dial Keys

Connecting Your Phone

AssemblyHow to Assemble a Yealink Phone
Wired ConnectionHow to Assemble a Yealink Phone
Cordless Handset SetupHow to Setup a Yealink Cordless Phone
WiFi ConnectionConnect Yealink Phone via WiFi
Bluetooth Phone SyncYealink Bluetooth Sync on your Mobile

Posted on August 3, 2020